Winter Igniting - Rebecca Zanetti

Winter Igniting

Rebecca Zanetti

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This one’s for everyone quietly prepping once in a while for the Apocalypse…just in case. You know who you are.



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I’m the perfect person to take this job. I have nothing to lose.

—April Snyder, Journal

This was crazy. Even in a world already gone to insanity, her going undercover was nutballs. April Snyder kept her face stoic, though her body rioted with a tenseness that made her neck ache with knots. “I can do it,” she said quietly, lying her ass off.

Jax Mercury, the leader of Vanguard, sat across from her at the executive-style conference table, his brown eyes soft. Which was incredibly rare. “You don’t know the plan yet.”

It didn’t matter. Whatever the plan, she was in. “I have nothing to lose,” she said quietly. Now that was the truth.

Jax sat back and crossed impressive arms. At the early hour, Vanguard headquarters, and especially his war room, was quiet. After Scorpius had infected and killed most of the world, Jax had created this somewhat safe haven in the middle of Los Angeles for survivors. Vanguard territory took up seven complete blocks of old apartment buildings, bankrupted businesses, and a couple of ex-drug houses. Jax ruled them all. “I’m concerned this will be too much for you.”

Every once in a while, the guy showed a sweet side that came as a complete shock. But she didn’t need sweet.

She blinked and glanced at the empty chairs surrounding a table that must’ve belonged to a law firm at some point, considering the inlaid design in the middle. This was where Jax and his top lieutenants often strategized how to survive. She didn’t belong here, and she knew it. “Nothing is too much for me,” she said, meaning it. She’d lost everything. Her husband, her daughter, her friends. The pandemic had killed them all. “You need me.”

Jax’s gaze narrowed as he studied her. “I’m not looking for somebody to go on a suicide mission.”

She barely kept from squirming beneath his regard. Jax’s picture should be next to badass in the dictionary.

Focus. She had to focus. Taking a deep breath, she settled back in her chair. After her teenage daughter had died, everyone had treated her with a soft touch, including Jax. But he’d never acted as if she’d been destroyed. “I’m not looking to die, Jax. I don’t want to. But I don’t really care if I do.” She owed him that much truth. “I might be able to help some folks before I go, so why not?”

He didn’t like her answer. By the tightening of his jaw, he definitely wasn’t pleased.

Her stomach ached, but she faced him as bravely as she could. Not blinking helped.

The door opened,