Ties That Bind (Ruthless Sinners MC #1) - L.Wilder Page 0,1

on me. The guy was built like an ox and could take any asshole who was stupid enough to go up against him—which was one of the many reasons he was the club’s VP. Axel was aware of the issue with Danny, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked, “You think we should have Shotgun pay him a visit?”

“Definitely.” While Stilettos brought in a good bit of cash for the club, it was nothing compared to the money the girls brought in when they sold coke to our customers. The club had been using Danny for years. We’d done our homework, knew he was supplying for several others in the area, and they’d been pleased with not only his reliability but his product. Everyone knew he wasn’t the main supplier, that he was getting the take from a distributor in Texas, but he’d always been dependable when it came to keeping up with our supply and demand. But recently, it seemed we were having to deal with one fuck-up after the next. It started with a couple of late deliveries, which quickly progressed into him missing one altogether. That in itself should’ve been enough for us to walk away, but we were in a bind for time and bought one last shipment from him—one big fucking shipment that cost over two hundred grand to get our hands on.

We’d assumed it would be our last time having to deal with Danny ... until we discovered that part of the shipment was counterfeit. That discovery hadn’t come until days later, when we started breaking down the shipment. Viper was pissed to find that over half of the take was counterfeit, especially since it was the half we hadn’t tested on delivery. That was on us, but the fact remained, Danny was the one who’d swindled us. He’d crossed a line, a big fucking line, and he damn well knew it. The motherfucker knew he would have to answer to the club for what he’d done. That’s why he was laying low and hadn’t returned any of my fucking calls. I glanced over at Shotgun, the club’s enforcer, and Rafe, then shook my head when I saw him gawking at Candy’s ass as she stepped off the stage. “The sooner the better.”

“Can’t disagree with you there.” A concerned look crossed his face. “This whole thing is fucked up.”

“Yeah, but one way or another, we’ll take care of it.”

“I don’t doubt that ... It’s just ... we need to keep in mind there’s the possibility that Danny didn’t know the product was counterfeit.”

“Maybe, but there’s also the possibility that the asshole just got fucking greedy and was hoping to pull one over on us.” I reached for an Ultra-Light and took a long pull. “But I hope, for his sake, that’s not it.”

“Yeah. If that’s the case, it won’t end well for him.”

“Well, we won’t know for sure until Shotgun gets his hands on him.”

Axel glanced over at Shotgun, snickering as he watched our brother pull Candy onto his lap. “As amped up as those two are right now, they’re liable to kill the stupid sonofabitch before he ever gets a chance to talk.”

I chuckled as I stood and walked over to Shotgun. Our enforcer wasn’t a small man, but he wasn’t as big as one might think. He was tall with an athletic, muscular build, and he could handle himself just as well as the rest of us, but his physical appearance had nothing to do with why he’d been chosen as the club’s enforcer. The choice was simple really. Shotgun had talents