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the back of me, and I’m sure that’s entirely on purpose.

My chest feels like it’s about to explode. It always does when she’s around.

It doesn’t matter the situation, doesn’t matter what insults she’s hurling my way—anytime Denver Andrews is near me, my attention is solely hers.

Like now.

Stripper Brandi doesn’t notice her, or the change in my demeanor. She continues to try to paw at me while I work to disentangle myself from her grasp, trying to escape because whatever this was going to be isn’t going to happen. I’ve lost all interest in going home with her.

Especially now that I’m reminded there’s so much more out there for me.

Like Denver.

The only good thing to come from my…leave of absence from baseball is coming back home. I knew Denver didn’t move after graduation, knew she’d still be here…knew we’d eventually run into one another.

I was counting on it, actually.

I have a lot to make up for, especially to Denny. I planned to seek her out, get her to forgive me—I just didn’t realize I’d be starting my I’m sorry for sucking so much ass apology tour tonight.

“Can you not have sex in the middle of the grocery store? It’s disgusting.”

I grin and spin toward the intruder, still holding on to Stripper Brandi for show.

“Is that jealousy I detect, Denver?”

“Your name is Denver? Like the state?”

Holy fuck. My standards are shit.

I drop my arm from around Stripper Brandi’s waist and take a step away from the stupidity, unable to handle it any longer.

“Look, Brandi with an I, it’s not gonna happen tonight.”

Harsh? Possibly, but I’ve done this enough times to know getting straight to the point is the only way I’ll be able to get a girl like Brandi to back off.

Her mouth falls open. She quickly slams it shut and rolls her shoulders back. “She can join. I don’t mind.”

“While that’s a lovely offer, Brenda,” Denver says, butchering her name on purpose, “that would be a hard pass from me. I’d rather peel my own toenails off than ever—and I mean ever—see Shep naked.”

I smirk at the vivid imagery. “Now, now, Denny, we both know the lie detector would determine that’s a lie.”

“You wish it was a lie, Slug.”

I grunt in distaste at the nickname, because she of all people knows how much I hate it, and I know what it means when she uses it.

“What are you even doing here, Andrews?”

“Grocery shopping. This is the grocery store, isn’t it? That’s what you’re supposed to do here—not other people.”

Stripper Brandi gasps at Denny’s words, and I can’t help but laugh.

She always did get right to the point. There was never any pussyfooting around with her, and it’s something I’ve always loved about her, even when I was supposed to be hating her.

“You have a point there,” I concede.

“She does?”

“She does,” Denny tells my…well, whatever Brandi is. Potential hook-up? Ex potential hook-up?

“Listen, Strip”—I catch myself at the last moment—“Brandi, like I said, it’s not going to work tonight.”

Her lips fall into a pout. Suddenly they don’t look as kissable as they once did.

And it’s all fucking Denny’s fault.

I glance over and can’t help but compare her to the girl I had plans to use as a distraction tonight.

It’s late, and we’re at the grocery store, yet Stripper Brandi is dressed to impress, right down to the studded boots on her feet.

Denny…well, she’s dressed all right, but it’s clear she isn’t trying to impress anyone with what she’s wearing.

She’s clad in bright teal yoga pants and a soft gray sweater hanging off one shoulder. Her dark hair is twisted into a messy knot,