Tempted By Fae - A Midnight Coven Anthology - May Sage

Chapter One

To get to live, I have to die a little more each day.

I don’t know the name of the boy. I never bothered to ask. All that matters is that he belongs to this world. He’s human. His kisses soothe the deep ache thundering inside me. I could drown in them. In him. For a moment, I love and hate him all at once.

I let him pull me deeper into the shadows of the library and press me against the wall.

“You’re so beautiful.” His voice is hoarse, rough. He surely believes that’s due to his growing need for me. I know better.

I’m sucking the life right out of him. Just a little kiss. Just a little bit of life. If he persists in trying to shove his hand down my pants, it will be a lot more. Fortunately for him, he has trouble unbuckling my belt.

Someone clears their throat behind us. I grin, taking in the girl glaring at us, arms crossed on her chest. Five foot six, strawberry-blonde hair falling in waves around her shoulders, small breasts, and curvy hips. She’s my opposite, although we’re almost identical.

Clary wears a cheer uniform—a red and white crop top with a pleated skirt that flirts with the hem of her shorts, revealing plenty of skin. I’m in black from head to toe. Boots, jeans, a tank top, and my favorite leather jacket.

“Already?” Her eyes are fixed on the boy still plastered all over me. “Can’t you wait one day before spreading your legs?”

She’s disgusted with me.

We used to be closer than anything as children, until things changed. Until I changed.

She stayed on the path paved by our type-A parents. I started to see things that may not be there, and want things no kid should want.

Then, I began to need them.

My skin burns, my insides are ice and daggers, my head is all but ready to explode at all times, except when I’m touching boys. And girls. I kissed a girl or two, and definitely liked it.

My sister thinks I’m a slut. I know I’m something much worse.

She blames me for the move. She thinks my stalkers finally forced our parents to leave LA. The truth is, they’re both professors. We’ve moved seven times in eighteen years. We would have moved regardless of my antics.

Besides, it’s not like I ask boys to follow me around like lost puppies. We use each other for a little while, and when they ask for more, I pull the brakes. It’s not my fault some of them can’t take no for an answer.

“See?” I point downward. “My legs are closed. And covered, you’ll notice.”

She rolls her eyes. “Whatever. Mom sent me a text. She wants us back as soon as I’m done with practice.”

She tells me because I don’t have a phone. I’ve never seen the appeal. In fact, I have a marked distaste for most technology. I don’t even like cars, hence why I wait around until she’s done with practice. Our new house isn’t more than a couple of miles away from Willow Prep, so I could have walked, but there are much better things to occupy myself with.

I push against the boy’s chest. At first, he doesn’t budge, but after I raise my brow, he takes a step back, then another.

“Thanks. Until next time, then.”

There won’t be a next time. He might be cute enough—athletic, well dressed—but his technique leaves a lot to be desired, and I didn’t appreciate the unprompted wandering hands. I join my sister and send him a wink over my shoulder before falling into step with her. He doesn’t