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Secret Lucidity

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Project Semicolon

Preview of Crave, Part One

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Other Titles by E.K. Blair

For the ones who’ve ever wished upon a wish.


ONLY THREE MORE MINUTES LEFT of my junior year. Three more minutes to go until summer begins.

“I can’t wait to officially be a senior,” Linze says, twirling a lock of her golden hair from the desk next to mine.

“I know. It’s gonna be great.”

“I need to find a boyfriend before the end of summer though. There’s no way I’m starting senior year as a singleton.”

“A relationship is not what you want, and you know it.”

She rolls her eyes and laughs in agreement. “Let me rephrase that, I need to find a boy to kiss on who’s loyal to me and only me.”

We both laugh.

Most people find her spitfire personality over the top, but not me. Linze and I have been best friends since middle school when her family moved here from Los Angeles. She was born with sunshine in her blood, while I was born with red dirt in mine. Oklahoma, America’s heartland where nothing exciting ever happens, has been my home since birth. The day Linze arrived was the day this state notched up on the coolness meter.

“Sit down, boys,” Mrs. Lancaster groans from behind her plastic-rimmed glasses, which sit crooked on her face. Our teacher, whose expiration date has come and gone, still shows up loathing each day more than the one before.

“High school guys are so annoying,” Linze says about the kids at the back of the class who are making a ruckus.

I tune out the obnoxious testosterone behind me and turn back to my friend. “What time do you want me to head over tonight?”

“Whenever. Sooner rather than later though.”

“Okay. Well, I’m going to hit the water for a little while and get some laps in.”

“You never quit, do you?”

Smiling, I grab my backpack from the back of my desk as the second hand nears the end of its final rotation to freedom.

An eruption of cheers and exasperated “Thank Gods” bounce off the painted cinder block walls when the final bell of the year rings. Chairs and desks screech against the tile floors as students flee the classrooms.

Linze and I weave through the crowded halls, and I’m whisked off my feet in an instant.

“Seniors, baby!” Kroy boasts loudly, sparking excitement within me.

With my arms wrapped around his neck, I smile at his boyish charm before kissing him as the student body swarms around us in total chaos.

“This is why I need a boyfriend,” Linze shouts