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Chapter 1


Wind gusted around me, tossing across my cheeks the short, thin strands of blonde hair that had fallen loose from my bun.

The late-evening air was still cool for early June. At least from what I was used to, having grown up in south Missouri, where it could feel like the devil’s butt by this time of year. But I had a feeling it never really got all that hot here in the hills of South Dakota.

Drawing in a deep breath, I focused on a large, gray boulder. Probably been sitting where it was since time began. Lifting my arm, I tapped into all the aether that now poured through my veins, since I no longer had my powers bound by a pair of not so ordinary bracelets.

It felt good to have that power back, especially right now when I wanted to blow stuff up.

I was super irritated at a certain golden-headed god at the moment.

Instead of pushing that anger aside like I normally would have, I tapped into it and used it to feed akasha, the deadliest element known to man and immortal. Summoning the air element was something I had always struggled with in the past. Sometimes I’d want to move something and I’d set it on fire instead.

That was why Luke usually stayed far away from me when I was practicing with the elements.

I pictured the boulder lifting into the air and held that image. Power coursed through me. At first, nothing happened, and then the boulder began to tremble as if the ground was shaking. A heartbeat later, the great rock shifted, and then it was like a great hand reached down and pulled on it. The scent of rich soil filled the air as the boulder broke loose from the ground and rose.

I moved the boulder to the left and then to the right. The massive rock slid back and forth like it weighed nothing more than a