Murder to Music - Margaret Newman

Murder to Music

Margaret Newman

About the Author

Margaret Newman, born in 1926 in Middlesex, was educated at Harrow County School for girls and gained a BA and MA from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.

Before writing, she worked a variety of jobs including teaching in Egypt, editing a children’s magazine in London, and advising the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Twickenham. She published her first novel as Margaret Newman – a mystery novel entitled Murder to Music.

Newman continued publishing novels until her death in 1998, under a variety of pseudonyms and encompassing multiple genres. As Anne Melville, she focused on historical novels, including the epic wartime saga Debutante. Over the course of her career, she published fifty-five novels in romance, mystery, historical fiction, and children’s.

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First published in Great Britain by John Long in 1959

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Chapter One

‘One of these days,’ said Delia, ‘you’re going to answer a murder call and find when you arrive that it’s from the Metro’s Managing Committee.’

Detective-Superintendent Hudson laughed softly in the darkness of the car.

‘I hope I arrive in time tonight, then, to carry you away from the scene of slaughter. What am I liable to find? The whole Committee stretched lifeless on the floor, surrounded by bottles of poisoned beer? Or only the lovely body of Delia Jones, transfixed by eight barbed agendas?’

‘Oh no, thank you: I don’t expect to be a victim myself. But there are times when I expect at every moment to become a witness.’

‘Then you must increase my chances of promotion by telling me the answer in advance. Who’s going to kill who?’


‘By that evasion I perceive that you have a guilty conscience. Obviously, you are the murderer. And the victim?’

Delia giggled.

‘I’ve no idea. I’m only sure that Owen will be one of the two. He has an incredible capacity for taking and giving offence—both at once usually. I say, stop! We’re here!’

The car skidded violently on the wet road and came to a standstill with its front wheels on the pavement.

‘Simon, really! I shan’t think that your offer of a lift was so opportune after all if you are going to kill me before we arrive.’

‘We have arrived, Delia. I’m the safest driver in London. That manoeuvre was expressly designed to bury your head in my chest, and it has been thoroughly successful. There will be a short pause while I take advantage of it.’

‘I’m late,’ said Delia after a rather long pause. ‘And you’re going to take me home again, aren’t you?’

She escaped from the car and ran hastily through the rain to ring at Mrs Bainsbury’s front door. Inside the house the Committee was just beginning the meeting which would, by words quickly spoken, bring death amongst its members.