The Gambler (Notorious #2) - Molly O'Keefe Page 0,1


“Trouble, baby.” He grinned but I knew it was just a show he was putting on. The whole town thought he was trouble. Too reckless. Too charming. Too lazy. Too O’Neill, for most people’s taste. But he’d shown me the real him.

And the real him was vulnerable. And smart. And so sweet he broke my heart all the damn time.

“Well, I have an idea,” I said, pushing myself up against his chest, because frankly, two could play this game and as much as he turned me on, he’d made it real clear that his hunger for me was non-stop.

And I liked that so much I could barely stand it.

“What’s your idea?” he whispered as my hand traveled over his chest and down the tender skin of his belly. “Fuck, Juliette.”

“When I go back to school in September, come with me.”

“To Oklahoma?”

“Actually, I’m thinking about a transfer to Tulane.” I’d already put in the paperwork, mostly just to see if it was possible. And it was. I hadn’t made any other moves because I wanted to talk to him. But I knew Tyler and he needed some roadblocks knocked down before he’d believe we had a future.

“New Orleans?” His eyes went wide and I knew I had him. This future I saw for us was possible.

“We can get a place together. I’ll go to school you can play piano in the clubs.” I wrapped my hand around his dick and he hissed, his eyes fluttering shut. “You’re so good, Tyler,” I told him. “You just need a place bigger than Bonne Terre to get your start. Think about it, you could stop playing cards and just focus on your music.”

“You’re going to manage my music career too?” he asked with that gorgeous half-grin.

“No,” I said with a laugh. “I’m going to be busy with school and you can manage yourself just fine. But…you think it’s possible?”

“Possible? Baby? You and New Orleans? I mean…” he shook his head. “It’s perfect.”

“Tell me,” I said, wanting to hear him dream a little, because he so rarely did. Growing up the way he had.

“We’ll get one of those apartments above a bakery so it will smell good all the time.”

“Lots of windows.”

“You can pretend to grow plants.”

I laughed because my green thumb was extraordinarily black.

“I’ll bring you breakfast in bed,” he said. “And make your coffee.”

“I’ll order you dinner.” Because I wasn’t much of a cook, either. “I’ll put ice on your hands after your gigs.”

“We can get a dog.”

“A cat.”


I laughed and kissed him. “What do you think?”

“I think I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I whispered. But then he put his hand over mine, so I stopped stroking his dick. “But law school,” he said.

“I’ll worry about law school.”

“See,” he shook his head. “That makes me nervous. You’ve been dreaming about Law School since you were in Kindergarten.”

“Yeah, and some dreams don’t make it to adulthood. It’s natural.”

“I just don’t want you to give up law school for me.”

“I’m not giving up anything.”

“And what about your dad? He won’t like it.”

“You’re bringing me down here, Tyler. I’m a grown woman.” I said. “I make my own decisions. My own choices. And I choose you.”

“Yeah you do,” he breathed. I didn’t have to ask about his family, thrown as they were across the country. Mom and Dad missing. Brother off at school. His sister and grandmother were in Bonne Terre and they were happy just to see him happy.

He let go of my hand, reaching for me and pulling me up over his body as he rolled onto his back. I sat up, shaking