Eulogy (Eagle Elite Book 9) - Rachel Van Dyken


Eagle Elite Book 9

by Rachel Van Dyken


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-13: 978-0-9971451-7-5

Cover Art by Jena Brignola

Formatting by Jill Sava, Love Affair With Fiction



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About The Author

Also By Rachel Van Dyken

To all the readers who hated me after Enrage — it's time for our revenge.



Author note: I’m adding this in here just in case you guys need a refresher on who belongs to each family and which couple belongs to each book.

Nixon Abandonato married to Trace Alfero (Granddaughter to Frank Alfero). Nixon is the boss to the Abandonato family. (Elite/Elect)

Frank Alfero married to Joyce Alfero (deceased). Former boss to the Alfero Family. (Elite & Enchant)

Chase Abandonato married to Mil De Lange (Phoenix De Lange’s sister, deceased, RAT). Mil was the new mob boss to the De Lange Family, one of the most hated in The Cosa Nostra. (Entice)

Tex Campisi married to Mo Abandonato (Nixon’s twin sister). Tex is the capo dei capi, which basically means he’s their version of the godfather. (Elicit)

Luca Nicolasi (deceased). Never married, but had a small affair with the love of his life Joyce Alfero, this produced two children. Dante and Valentina Nicolasi. (Enchant & Enrapture in the Hurt anthology)

Phoenix De Lange married to Bee Campisi (Tex’s sister). He is the new boss to the Nicolasi dynasty. He knows everyone’s secrets and keeps black folders on every individual close to them, himself included. (Ember)

Sergio Abandonato married to Andi Petrov (Russian mafia, deceased). Sergio was forced to marry her for protection, and later marries his soul mate Valentina Nicolasi. (Elude, Empire)

Dante Nicolasi married to El De Lange. Dante is the new boss to the Alfero Family. (Enrage)

Ax Abandonato married to Amy De Lange. He’s a made man for the Abandonato Family. (Bang, Bang)

Nikolai Blazik married to Maya Petrov (both Russian Mafia). He makes a brief appearance in many EE books, and is known as The Doctor. (Rip — EE spinoff)

The Petrov Family is the Russian dynasty out to destroy all five Sicilian families. They have now spread from Chicago, to New York, and even Seattle.


Noun, plural: a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing — especially a set oration in honor of a deceased person — high praise and or commendation. i.e.: the man refused to praise the dead — after all she was still haunting the living — and for that very reason, there would be no words, for they would be filled with empty lies and angry threats. A Eulogy — she did not deserve.


Blood. Blood. Blood.

It covered my hands.

It surged through my heart.

It dripped from my fingertips onto the