Dragon Bites Stormwalker - Allyson James

Dragon Bites

Stormwalker, Book 6

Allyson James

Jennifer Ashley

JA / AG Publishing


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Author’s Note

Also by Allyson James / Jennifer Ashley

About the Author

Chapter One


“Heels, check. Party dresses, check. Lipstick, check. Cash for g-strings, check.” Maya Medina hefted her bright red overnight bag as she opened the door of her pickup waiting in the dirt lot in front of the Crossroads Hotel. “Ready to go.”

My bag held a few more sensible things like jeans and T-shirts, but I’d thrown in my one sexy dress and high-heeled shoes. No makeup—I didn’t wear it, and with Maya around, no one would be looking at me anyway.

I’d promised Maya a girl’s weekend as soon as I got done with my three totally selfish weeks with Mick riding the back highways of the West and up into Canada. We’d camped when we felt like it, stayed in luxury hotels when we felt like it …

No battles, villains, dragons, goddesses, or demons to interrupt us. No bad storms stirring my Stormwalker magic. Waking up next to Mick every day in the morning sunshine was the best thing that had happened to me in a hell of a long time.

Now Maya herded me out of town again. I’d barely had time to make sure all was well with my hotel, wash my underwear, and repack. I’d said good-bye to Mick earlier this morning, wanting to do it alone before the hotel guests were up. Our good-byes could get steamy.

It was nine now—we’d make Vegas by mid-afternoon if we didn’t stop too often. I tossed my shoulder bag onto the floor of the pickup’s passenger seat and climbed up after it. “Ready.”

“Hot damn.” Maya slid behind the wheel and started up the truck. “Okay, some ground rules.” She touched her fingers as she counted them off. “No magic. No demons. No destruction. No ruining my clothes, my sanity, or my weekend. Got it?”

“Got it. I need a vacation too.”

“You just had one,” she reminded me teasingly. “While I was here working.”

Maya happened to be the best electrician in Magellan. When she wasn’t fixing the wiring at my creaky old hotel, she was running around our small town keeping everyone else’s in order.

“Vacations with Mick can be … intense,” I said. “Not bad intense, but let’s just say I’m ready to relax. I’ve already got my spa day booked.”

“Too tame for me,” Maya said. “I’m going to haunt the casinos, the night clubs, and the male strip shows. Nash can suck it.”

Nash, the Sheriff of Hopi County, was Maya’s boyfriend and definitely not a party guy. All work and more work was Nash’s motto. He loved Maya, and she him, but they mixed like oil and fire.

Maya beamed me a huge smile as she gunned the engine. The truck’s wheels spun and we headed for fun and freedom.

We hadn’t made it to the end of the dusty parking lot before a thud sounded in the back of the pickup. I cranked my head around to see my half-sister, Gabrielle, launch herself into the truck’s bed, following the duffel bag she’d thrown into it.

Maya slammed on her brakes, and the truck skidded us sideways. “No, Janet,” she snapped. “Just no.”

Gabrielle peered through the cab’s open back window. “Come on—what am I going to do skulking around here by myself? You should be keeping an eye on me, Janet.”

Maya answered before I could. “You can go home to Janet’s grandmother. Aren’t you supposed to be there anyway?”

Gabrielle rolled her eyes. “Ruby