The Billionaire's Navy SEAL - Lori Ryan

Chapter 1

Logan Stone looked up when his boss—as of three hours ago— approached his office. Logan had been at his desk since five that morning but the time had gone by quickly with no distractions around to interrupt him.

He watched as Jack Sutton, CEO of Sutton Capital, entered the moderately-sized office with a large window on one wall, and sat in the chair across from Logan. He’d known Jack for a few months and respected the man as both the head of the company, and as a person.

Zach Harris, Logan’s best friend and Jack’s brother-in-law, was responsible for introducing the two men. Logan suspected Zach might be responsible for Jack giving him this job. A fact that grated on his nerves on a daily basis, but he needed the job. He wasn’t exactly in a position to turn it down.

“Security told me you’ve been in the building since five,” Jack said. “I gotta tell you, I do like hard workers, but you really don’t need to be here that early.”

Jack’s smile was easy and his posture loose as he crossed one ankle over a knee. Logan wished he felt the same way, but edgy didn’t even begin to describe what he was feeling.

Despite his mood, he grinned and shrugged, throwing a mask over his features. From what he’d heard, there was a time when Jack Sutton would have demanded his employees showed up earlier than the competition, and left later.

Being a husband and father had changed that in the last few years. Sutton Capital had been changing to a family-oriented company that prized relationships and quality of life as much as it valued dollars and cents. It still held a powerful position in the industry, but the environment of the company had changed dramatically in recent years.

“Wanted to get a jump on things.” What the hell else could he say to explain his early arrival? No way would he tell Jack he’d made the twenty-minute drive to work at five in the morning because he wasn’t yet able to drive in traffic. Because he needed the ability to run a red light when the panic set in. Because, most days, he had to roll through a stop sign and hope to avoid a ticket or worse if he was out when there weren’t many people on the road.

Jack nodded as though he accepted the excuse and placed a stack of files on Logan’s desk.

“These are the files I told you about. If you can go over them this morning, I’ll tell Samantha to get with you this afternoon. You can run through your thoughts and get her perspective on things. She’s familiar with all of the companies we’re thinking of acquiring. She can often spot things I can’t, so it’s useful to touch base with her before we make any decisions.”

Samantha Page. The woman had grabbed his attention at Zach’s wedding three months ago. She was good friends with Zach’s new bride, Jesse and with Jack’s wife, Kelly.

Although he didn’t talk to her directly the weekend of the destination wedding, he’d sure as hell noticed her. And damned if she hadn’t been sauntering through his dreams every night since then. In fact, he owed her a debt there.

The one thing that had eased in the last three months since he’d medically retired from the military were his nightmares. He still had to deal with his memories when he was awake, but they didn’t seem to come pounding on his door as often at night anymore. Sam had that distinction now.

Logan shoved aside thoughts of Sam with that long black hair and