Abducted - K.I. Lynn

Somewhere in Chicago…

The chains chafed my wrists, making me wish I were still in my cage. Though it lacked privacy, the cage at least had a bed, and in there I wasn’t restrained with my arms above my head. But I was in Domenico’s domain. The small bedroom-like area was created from a previous office. There was a lamp and a mattress with a blanket, but those were the only creature comforts. The rest of the room retained both the look and smell of the rest of the decaying structure.

With no way to tell time, I wasn’t sure how long I’d been there. All I knew was that I was tired. Being held against my will caused spikes in my adrenaline, and the subsequent crashes left me drained. The small panic attacks had lessened over the past few weeks, but there was an undercurrent of strife, and I feared what would happen if things got out of control.

I stared at the bed, wishing I were on it. All that did was cause the memories of him inside me to come slamming down. The absolute owning of my body by him and him alone. The way he made me come undone.

Feelings that I shouldn’t have with his touch, but I did.

Feelings I drowned in as he consumed me.

I am Domenico’s…for now.

And that was the thought that always sent questions spiraling out of control and a spike of fear to run through me.

I was a caged bird. A pet awaiting a sentence bound to be more grim than any fairy-tale horror.

Another day, another dollar, and another strip in front of a horde of men. Hopefully more than a few, but working in the shitty, low-income part of town wasn’t the most enticing for big spenders. Being a stripper, every dollar I made counted.

When I was a little girl, the reality of taking my clothes off in front of half-drunk men was never even a possibility. Not even as a teenager, but life doesn’t always go the way you planned.

“Belle, you’re on in five,” Al called out.

I caught his eye in the mirror and nodded. Returning to my reflection, I fluffed up my hair and added some lip gloss. I slipped on my six-inch patent-leather platform heels and stood, making a quick adjustment to my blue mini dress, perking my breasts up in the deep V of the collar.

Castle Lounge was a topless strip bar, and it drew in a decent crowd despite the lower-income community that surrounded it. Chances were the crowd would probably grow larger if it was full nudity, but it wasn’t like the little thong covered much anyway. Tips were always good, but that had a lot to do with my looks: bright-blue eyes to lure them in, an hourglass figure to make them salivate, and olive skin they could envision their cum contrasting against with not a blemish in sight.

And all of it, including my name, was a lie.

“Give it up for Belle!” Al’s voice boomed, signaling my arrival.

The lights were blinding, but the path to the pole was one I was familiar with. One step with an exaggerated sway of my hips was followed by another as I ran my hands up and down my body. A little twirl, a dip, add in a flip of my hair, and the whistles and catcalls boomed out over the music.

The seats around the stage were crowded as they were every Friday night. A good-sized crowd also occupied the tables filling out the room. There were regulars I recognized as well as new faces.

I let the music flow through me, using